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Portable Vibration Monitoring Using Long Range 900 MHz Spread Spectrum Frequency Hopping Radios
Vibration Waveform
VMU208R_900 Great Plantwide Solution for Monitoring Bad Actors
The VMU208R-900 allows you to easily set up continuous monitoring when and where you need it. Without worrying about having short range Wi-Fi on the plant floor.

Save $1000's in Wiring Costs - When used with a RMS900S server radio and NCA, you can reach 100's of feet across a plant floor or 1000's of feet across a plant site.

Everything You Need - The VMU208R-900-SYS includes a VMU, NCA, power supplies, cables, antennas, and software. Everything, except sensors, necessary to bring vibration data to your desktop.

Monitor Your Entire Plant Site - Use Riotech's radio networks to continuously monitor all your plant equipment. 200 Series VMU's are more for portable monitoring while the 300 Series are designed for permanent installations.


Maximum Flexibility - For application where you need the most flexibility in setting up a wireless network the standard VMU208-SYS-R900 allows the VMU to be located separately from the VMU

Because RioNet uses RS485 technology, you can set a VMU with sensors close to a piece of equipment in a mine or basement and locate the radio up to 1000 feet away in a location conducive to rado transmission

Wave form
Includes all the above plus bright yellow, water resistant SERPAC case
Link to page that list premium or economy sensors configured to work with all VMU200 series modules

VMU - Specifications
  • Inputs
  • * Number Inputs Per Module: 5, 8
  • Type Inputs

  • * Acceleration - IEPE Power
    * Analog Input 0 - 20V
    * Induction proximity probes
  • Data Acquisition
  • * ADC Resolution: 16 bit
    * Dynamic Range 96dB max, 90dB typical
    * Harmonic Distortions: -80dB typical
    * Anti-aliasing filter: Analog & digital filters
    * Sampling Rate:
     effective rate 128 Hz to 51.2 kHz
    * Analysis Frequency Bandwidth:
      0.015 Hz – 100 Hz to 3.125 Hz – 20 kHz
    * Spectral lines: 100 to 6400
  • Communications

  • * Networks:
      RS485, Ethernet
      802.11, 900 MHz, Cellular
  • Power

  • *Voltage: 12 - 24 VDC
    * Current: 80 - 55 mA
    * Power: ~1 watt depending on radio