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Geothermal Monitoring
Monitoring Vertical Pumps
Vibration Waveform

Software Designed Specifically for Monitoring Plant Assets -

  • Be up and monitoring in minutes.
  • Simple to use, save $1000's of dollars in training.
  • Allow operators to see vibration data on their consoles with RioServer's ability to export data directly into the plants control system.

RioServer is a powerful software package that can be on guard 24 hours a day watching critical plant equipment telling you of any important changes they could affect production.

Data Management Tools -
With large installations, large amounts of data is be acquired and analyzed, RioServer manages that data for you. RioServer can automatically delete the data you no longer need and keep data that's important. You tell RioServer how often to acquire and look at Data, how often to keep a representative wave form and what to do with data when an alarm occurs.

Monitoring and Diagnostic Tools -
Some of RioServer's monitoring and alarming capabilities are:

  • FFT Flexibility - Multiple Choices -
    • For Monitoring - Users usually set lines of resolution to 400 or 800 line
    • For Diagnostics - Users can choose lines of resolution from 100 to 6400 and frequencies between 100 at 20,000 hertz.
  • Envelope Alarms -
    Two levels of alarms for FFT's with auto-learn capabilities
  • Band Alarms -
    Allows you to high and high high alarms over specific frequencies in FFT's you want to monitor
  • Trend Alarms -
    Up to ten different frequency banded parameters can be monitored per sensor.
  • Process Monitoring -
    Allow alarming not only of high and high high but also low and low low alarms. Great for monitoring for such things as cylinder pressures on natural gas compressors which can indicate non rod reversal.

Cursor and RMS Zoom Tools -
When RioServer indicates an alarm, harmonic and sideband cursors as well as custom RMS measurement make it easy to determine the situation on any equipment.

Report Generation -
RioServer can generate shift or daily summaries of alarms and if desired snapshots of the event that cause the alarm. RioServer also checks the status of all your sensors to make sure you system is working properly.

Communications For People -
RioServer has the ability to send alarms to PC's, Cell Phones, or Blackberries. You can choose to send a text only message of a snapshot of the offending trend or FFT alarm. If problem escalate RioServer can be directed to send messages to a different group of people.

Communications For Machines -
RioServer also has the ability of communicate with other machines. You can choose to indicate critical fault frequencies or parameter values using special output modules or communicate directly with PLC's, RTU's or DCS's using serial technologies such as Modbus, Modbus over Ethernet, or OPC.

Specialized Tools For Special Applications -

RioServer not only is capable of capturing a simple time waveform for analysis, but by using a tach, RioServer can also determine phase relationships of acquired data. Or can monitor for speed which is useful when trying to acquire data from machines that don't run at a constant RPM, such as cranes.

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