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System Overview
Vibration Waveform
Highly Distributed; Start With One, Grow to Hundreds:
The RioTech RioNet software and hardware system uses low point count modules on a highly distributable network.
Powerful Monitoring and Analytical Tools:
These modules provide analysts and operators vibration, process, status and tachometer information. The RioServer software provides extensive advanced trend alarming tools and full FFT spectrum and waveform analysis.
Allow Control Equipment To Be Aware of Relabililty Data:
Trend data can be sent directily to PLC's, DCS's, or RTU's.
Email Support:
Daily reports, as well as alarms, can be sent to PC's, Blackberries, iPhones or cell phones using Rioservers email capability.
Riotech Sytem Overview

Networks can be set up both wired and wireless. RioTech supports, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Cellular Modem, and long range 900 MHz radios.

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