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Continuous Online Monitoring
Vibration Waveform
Vibration_Monitoring_Power_GenerationVMU300 Series

Cost Effective Solutions for Contionuous Online Monitoring -
With the VMU300 series of monitoring modules, reliability managers and plant operators can always know about the operational condition of critical equipment.

Analysts can optionally have easy access points installed which allow them to connect to the same sensors the VMU is using so that both systems can see and compare the same data.

Highly Distributed I/O Allow Easy Expansion -
Monitor only the most critical pieces of your plant equipment no matter where they are. With RioTech's RioNet highly distributed architechure, you can put as few as 5 points at one machine or as many as many as 16.

Lots of Options to Transport Data -

With all the options in a RioNet network you can use Ethernet, Wi-Fi, RS485 or 900 MHz radions to transport your data using RS485, Ethernet, or 900 MHz Radios. All these options keeps your cost of installation to a minimum.

Very Low Initial Investment Low Installation Costs - It no longer takes a committee or CapEx money to start monitoring critical equipment. A simple wireless system capable of monitoring up to five sensors on single piece of equipment would include the following:

  • VMU305R-900
  • RM900S
  • NCA
  • Rioserver Software
  • Power Supply

This system would allow you to install a vibration monitoring unit (VMU) at a machine with a radio link, capable of communicating up to 1000ft to a RM900S server radio.

The RM900S would most likely be in close proximity to our network communications adaptor (NCA) which would allow vibration data to be available to our Rioserver software running anywhere on the plant intranet.

Total Hardware costs starting at under $6670.00*
*Price does not include sensors or sensor cables.

The real savings is when you want to monitor your next piece of equipment.  Extra VMU's range from $1,800.00 to $2,700, not including sensors.

Vibration Waveform

VMU - Specifications
  • Inputs
  • * Number Inputs Per Module: 5, 8, 16
    * Optional buffered BNC connectors for handheld access
  • Type Inputs
  • * Acceleration - IEPE Power
    * Analog Input 0 - 20V
    * Induction proximity probes
    * Industrial transducers (4 – 20 mA)
  • Data Acquisition
  • * ADC Resolution: 16 bit
    * Dynamic Range 96dB max, 90dB typical
    * Harmonic Distortions: -80dB typical
    * Anti-aliasing filter: Analog & digital   filters
    * Sampling Rate:
      effective rate 128 Hz to    51.2 kHz
    * Analysis Frequency Bandwidth:
      .015 – 100 Hz to 3.1 Hz – 20 kHz
    * Spectral lines: 100 to 6400
  • Communications
  • * Networks:
      RS485, Ethernet,
    * Wireless:
      802.11, 900 MHz, Cellular
  • Power
  • * Voltage: 12 - 24 VDC
    * Current: 80 - 55 mA
    * Power: ~1 watt


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