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Video Tutorials
Vibration Waveform
Video Tutorials:
Configuring Rioserver for Demo - Video showing how to configure Rioserver to look at a fan bearing on a computer running in RioTech's office. Shows the fundamentals of setting up all the part  necessary to acquire an FFT including our Network Communications Adaptor and our Vibration Monitoring Unit.
Configuring Sensors and Acquisition Rate of VMU - Video showing how to control the lines of resolution in an FFT as well as how often to acquire a time wave form
Setting Up Trends and Trend Alarms  - Rioserver can trend up to 10 different parameters per accelerometer with alarms to notify user when a parameter has changed. This video shows the different trending and alarms options available and how to configure them.
Setting up Envelope Alarms - Rioserver has the ability to auto-learn enveloped alarm settings for FFT's. This video shows how to configure envelope alarms and autolearn on FFTs
Setting up Band Alarms - When users want to have specific control over what frequencies to alarm, Rioserver uses band alarm.  This video shows how to configure these alarms
Configuring Rioserver Program Settings Tutorial
Setting Up Email - Video showing how to set up email and email lists