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Portable Wireless Vibration Monitoring Using 802.11Wi-Fi
Single Box Solutions for Facilities with 802.11 Wi-Fi Networks
Wireless Vibration Monitoring
VMU2108R-802 under $6000.00
Including Software

Wi-Fi Enabled Laptop Not Included

Setup a Wireless Condition Monitoring Network in Minutes - With Riotech Instruments VMU2108R-802, you can be monitoring "Bad Actors" where ever you have a 802.11 wireless network installed. Everything you need except sensors is included.

No Wi-Fi, No Problem -
Even if your plant floor doesn't have 802.11 WiFi, Riotech Instruments offer several different technologies to continuously monitor critical assets when ever necessary. Technologies such as:

Portable Monitoring Systems That Use Long Range 900 MHz Radios -
The VMU2108R-900 is for when there are no wireless routers on the plant floor or when a WiFi signal is out of range or in the field away from a wireless network. The included 900 Mhz spread spectrum frequency hopping radios are powerful enough to meet the most demanding applications.

Portable Monitoring Systems That Use Cellular Networks -
A VMU2108R-MBL uses the same technology that your cell phone uses. For equipment spread out over a reqion such as pipeline compressors and engines or utility pumps and lift stations. Anywhere there is cellular service, vibration data can be acquired from a "bad actor" where it can be monitored and viewed at your desk.

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