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Effective and Affordable Plant and Machine Monitoring Solutions

Wireless, Wired and Portable Plant Monitoring Solutions

Portable Condition Monitoring Systems
Be able to set up a continuous online monitoring system in minutes to watch "Bad Actors" anywhere in your plant with the VMU200 series of products.

Portible Monitoring
Plantwide Condition Monitoring Systems
Start with one critical piece of equipment or expand to 100's. The VMU300 series allows you to continuously monitor critical plant equipment. Because VMU300 modules are highly distributable, with options for multi-drop and wireless, installation cost are kept to a minimum
Handheld Units
When you just want the ability to run out and capture a time wave form without needing to worry about radios or networks the VMU-SL series makes monitoring simple

With Riotech Instruments You Get:

Some Riotech Instruments Benefits Include:

Monitored Assets Call You When they Need Attention -
The RioTech platform is the ideal system for monitoring the condition of critical plant equipment by using on-line vibration and trend monitoring. Powerful alarming and communication tools ensure that you will always be aware of changes in the condition of plant assets.

Minimize Work Load While Protecting Plant Assets -
RioTech Instruments offers complete coverage of all your plant assets. Continuous condition monitoring ensure that the availability of your equipment has not changed since the last time it was validated.

Perfect Complement to PdM Systems -
Continuous Online Condition Monitoring reduces the need to capture and analyze data using a hand held analyzer. Because you will always know when the health status of monitored equipment changes, data capture can change from a scheduled requirement to an as needed requirement.

Share Data Automatically With DMSI's MAINTelligence™ -
When properly configured FFT's, time waveforms and trends can be shared between Riotech's Rioserver software and DMSI's Maintelligence.

Protect Critical Equipment Plantwide -
RioTech Online Condition Monitoring System provides an effective platform to improve reliability for all your steam, gas and water turbines, pumps, fans, gear boxes, compressors & coolant towers.

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